A Pocket Self-Care Guide

I had plans to write a different post today, but as it often does, life got in the way, and I couldn’t write the post that I had wanted to. Instead, this post came out of a frustrated afternoon when my joints had given up on me, and in a bout of anger, I succumbed […]

Dating with Depression

Crying down the phone to your partner at 3am because they went to a party and you’re lonely sounds ridiculous I know. But bear with me. When you have a mental illness, the idea of being datable seems like worlds away from what you deserve, or even feel is achievable. But what if I told […]

We were on a break!

First up, I’m not going to apologise for not writing anything in a while. Honestly, I have had 0 motivation recently, and I absolutely refuse to blog when I don’t feel like it. This is my hobby, my own personal therapy. I’m not going to push myself when I don’t have anything to say, because […]

High Functioning Depression

High Functioning Depression is pushing yourself to just type three more points of your essay, misspelt because you can’t see the keyboard through your tears, because you need to ¬†finish that bit of work so that you can relax. High Functioning Depression is staying up until the early hours to make sure you have everything […]

Thursday, November 17th 2016

Dear Rob, Today marks 1 year and 11 months since you left us. I’m thinking about you today, even though its not yet one hour into the day, yet you’ve been the only thing on my mind. I’m thinking about you, because I want to apologise. November is a special month. November marks the day […]

Not your perfect little girl

I’m not even sure how to start this post. A large part of me feels that it’s unnecessary to publicise this information about myself. However, in the ever growing discussion of the LGBTQ+ community, I want my voice heard as much as the next person. I’m publicising this information because I shouldn’t have to – […]

Why Finding a Therapist Doesn’t Fix Everything

Today, I read a Buzzfeed post of people’s experiences with the mental health services in the UK. Pretty much every post mentioned doctors ignoring the issue, GPs failing to refer the patient to proper mental health departments, and people being stuck on medication that was only making the illness worse. Phew, its not just me. […]