Femininity is a continually contested concept, from traditional values, to cultural difference, the oft-depricated ‘Feminist Agenda’, and more frequently discussed in modern society – the variety in gender presentation and performance. When I think about gender, Judith Butler is the first to come to mind. Her theories on performativity break down the idea of a […]

It’s all just a pack of lies!

This evening I scrolled through my Instagram, looking back at months worth of my uploads. I┬álove Instagram, updating my account probably more than I need to, and spending ages scrolling through my feed to keep up with friends and celebrities. There’s nothing wrong with that. Its a basic form of entertainment, its┬ásocial media (duh). I […]

The stupidest stigma – The Safe Space

Since when did ‘Safe Space’ become a negative concept? Similarly to many illnesses and behavioural disorders, there has been a massive curveball in the way that mental illness is perceived in recent months/years. At first, there was growing acceptance as people began to understand it. More people came forward, having the courage to speak out […]