Losing Motivation

Lately, I’ve been considering retiring my blog. I’ve continued to write posts, and even created a new blog with the hopes of directing my work into two more specific channels. However, my desire to publish anything I’ve written, unfortunately largely due to fear of criticism, has drastically fallen. I can’t pinpoint exactly why I feel […]

A Pocket Self-Care Guide

I had plans to write a different post today, but as it often does, life got in the way, and I couldn’t write the post that I had wanted to. Instead, this post came out of a frustrated afternoon when my joints had given up on me, and in a bout of anger, I succumbed […]

Routines… are shit.

Many therapists and doctors will tell you that routine is an important part of recovery for someone with depression/a mood disorder. Yet it doesn’t take a genius to know that for a student, routine is pretty much a made up concept. Especially for an unemployed humanities student on holiday (sigh). It’s difficult, therefore, to maintain […]

Camden 2017

I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but I’ve been ill and very busy sitting on the sofa and pretending I don’t have work to do or a life to live. But in the spirit of positivity or whatever, today I’m gonna share some pictures from my trip to Camden this past week, and […]

Dating with Depression

Crying down the phone to your partner at 3am because they went to a party and you’re lonely sounds ridiculous I know. But bear with me. When you have a mental illness, the idea of being datable seems like worlds away from what you deserve, or even feel is achievable. But what if I told […]

Sunny Self-Care Saturday

Today has been a gorgeous 18 degree day in Winchester, so my housemate and I ventured out to our favourite cafe to get a fresh juice. I decided to dedicate my day to enjoying my favourite parts of my city, and documenting them in a self-care guide. Although I cannot stand the “just go for […]