A Very Mediocre Music Review

Happy New Year folks, I’m back with another post on the thing I know best, music! Kidding… Please enjoy a very honest, very mediocre not-even-review of one of my favourite artists who I recommend highly for this new year. In 2017, Jeff Rosenstock made a massive impact on my life for the better. For those […]

I’m back! (For Now)

The holidays are here and I finally have a week or so where a blog post is feasible – though I probably should be writing my dissertation, but I’ve missed my blog so here we are. The past few months have been crazy; university has been running me off my feet, and I’ve been ill […]

Losing Motivation

Lately, I’ve been considering retiring my blog. I’ve continued to write posts, and even created a new blog with the hopes of directing my work into two more specific channels. However, my desire to publish anything I’ve written, unfortunately largely due to fear of criticism, has drastically fallen. I can’t pinpoint exactly why I feel […]

I’m Disabled (And My Doctor Doesn’t Know)

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Hypermobility, a condition where multiple joints in my body move more than they should. This is a common condition, and usually doesn’t cause many issues for people with it. However, it can cause pain, and in extreme cases this is called Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS), where the […]


Sometimes, we’re faced with situations that can only be lose-lose for our mental health. Boxed into a corner, anxious, and unsure of the best choice to make, we weigh up our options. Our instinct is to self preserve, but what happens when either choice we’re faced with is an act of anti self-preservation? How can […]

The Whole Package: Depression & FOMO

Unfortunately, for those of us with depression and/or anxiety, FOMO is a pretty damn common emotion to experience. Usually, it comes alongside the frustration that we could have joined in, but our mental illnesses were holding us back, mentally or physically. Yet arguably worse, in some ways, is the FOMO that comes as a result […]


Femininity is a continually contested concept, from traditional values, to cultural difference, the oft-depricated ‘Feminist Agenda’, and more frequently discussed in modern society – the variety in gender presentation and performance. When I think about gender, Judith Butler is the first to come to mind. Her theories on performativity break down the idea of a […]