The Whole Package: Depression & FOMO

Unfortunately, for those of us with depression and/or anxiety, FOMO is a pretty damn common emotion to experience. Usually, it comes alongside the frustration that we could have joined in, but our mental illnesses were holding us back, mentally or physically. Yet arguably worse, in some ways, is the FOMO that comes as a result […]


Femininity is a continually contested concept, from traditional values, to cultural difference, the oft-depricated ‘Feminist Agenda’, and more frequently discussed in modern society – the variety in gender presentation and performance. When I think about gender, Judith Butler is the first to come to mind. Her theories on performativity break down the idea of a […]

This post is spontaneous

As you can tell by the title, I haven’t planned this post – deliberately. I’m having a day which is rather common for me, where I have no physical energy but lots of mental energy. It comes as a result of depression, usually when I haven’t slept much (definitely have not recently), yet my brain […]

Routines… are shit.

Many therapists and doctors will tell you that routine is an important part of recovery for someone with depression/a mood disorder. Yet it doesn’t take a genius to know that for a student, routine is pretty much a made up concept. Especially for an unemployed humanities student on holiday (sigh). It’s difficult, therefore, to maintain […]

Camden 2017

I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but I’ve been ill and very busy sitting on the sofa and pretending I don’t have work to do or a life to live. But in the spirit of positivity or whatever, today I’m gonna share some pictures from my trip to Camden this past week, and […]

Depression Stories 2: Medication

So many people have told me about the side effects of taking antidepressants, that I’ll become dependent etc etc etc, so today’s post will be full of the side effects I’ve experienced from both Sertraline and Citalopram, and my personal attitude to taking medication for my mental health. Last summer I started taking Sertraline for […]

Dating with Depression

Crying down the phone to your partner at 3am because they went to a party and you’re lonely sounds ridiculous I know. But bear with me. When you have a mental illness, the idea of being datable seems like worlds away from what you deserve, or even feel is achievable. But what if I told […]