Losing Motivation

Lately, I’ve been considering retiring my blog. I’ve continued to write posts, and even created a new blog with the hopes of directing my work into two more specific channels. However, my desire to publish anything I’ve written, unfortunately largely due to fear of criticism, has drastically fallen. I can’t pinpoint exactly why I feel […]

I’m Disabled (And My Doctor Doesn’t Know)

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Hypermobility, a condition where multiple joints in my body move more than they should. This is a common condition, and usually doesn’t cause many issues for people with it. However, it can cause pain, and in extreme cases this is called Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS), where the […]


Sometimes, we’re faced with situations that can only be lose-lose for our mental health. Boxed into a corner, anxious, and unsure of the best choice to make, we weigh up our options. Our instinct is to self preserve, but what happens when either choice we’re faced with is an act of anti self-preservation? How can […]

A Pocket Self-Care Guide

I had plans to write a different post today, but as it often does, life got in the way, and I couldn’t write the post that I had wanted to. Instead, this post came out of a frustrated afternoon when my joints had given up on me, and in a bout of anger, I succumbed […]

Routines… are shit.

Many therapists and doctors will tell you that routine is an important part of recovery for someone with depression/a mood disorder. Yet it doesn’t take a genius to know that for a student, routine is pretty much a made up concept. Especially for an unemployed humanities student on holiday (sigh). It’s difficult, therefore, to maintain […]

Content Warning: Please Use Caution.

CONTENT WARNING: Self Harm. A friend asked me today how my writing was going, because it had been a while. Honestly, I’ve been struggling for motivation, but now I feel that I have to push myself to write this post. I’ve wanted to write this for ages, but it’s a difficult thing for me to […]

My neurotransmitters don’t work

I’m writing this post as a distraction from the pile of work I have left to complete before I’ll be on holiday – after all of my friends from home are getting ready to head back to their respective uni’s for the summer term. For the second year in a row, I have struggled between […]