Sunny Self-Care Saturday

Today has been a gorgeous 18 degree day in Winchester, so my housemate and I ventured out to our favourite cafe to get a fresh juice. I decided to dedicate my day to enjoying my favourite parts of my city, and documenting them in a self-care guide. Although I cannot stand the “just go for a walk” debate surrounding mental health, but I am a huge proponent of self care, and to make the most of the good days, with the hope that a good day out can fuel a few more days of functioning – and if not, you’ll have had some small enjoyment!

This is not going to be the longest post in terms of writing, but I hope you all enjoy these pictures from today (and a huge thanks to my housemate for taking some of the photos!) It’s been a lovely day which is turning into a beautiful (and productive) evening, and with the hope that you will enjoy reading this enough for me to be able to continue doing it for as long as I can.

So here are the pictures, with a small amount of commentary, on my self-care day today:

Enjoying cake with my housemate, who is loving this sunny weather!


Wearing sunglasses inside because it’s TOO SUNNY TO SEE ANYTHING


The best juice in the entire world???


I had to swap seats with her because I got too hot – I’m not a hot weather person at all!

These juices from a cafe in Winchester are amazing – they’re pricey but it’s totally worth it when they’re made fresh and taste like heaven. We pretty much only went into town because of them… After lunch we headed into the city centre to do some shopping and sit by the cathedral:


For the first day of the holidays, and a Saturday, we were luckily able to find a spot on the grass to relax in the sun, and watch the ducks walk among the sunbathers (what is Winchester…)






The walk home is always stunning, but at this time of year, and in such beautiful weather, Winchester really has outdone itself.





Cutest doggo ever – but no petting!

I’m definitely a dog person, and seeing this little guy brightened up my day! There were loads of dogs out in town today, but seeing this guy sat so peacefully was so cute.

He melts my heart

Coming home to this lil guy is always a treat though – nothing is more relaxing than watching him nap in the sunshine, stretched out on the sofa, while I sit and work. Animals help phenomenally at raising your mood, and for an already good day, this guy has made it EVEN BETTER.


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