PDI – The Public Display of Ignorance

Apologies, but I need to rant. Far too often recently, I have found myself ending the day frustrated by thinking over ignorant comments from lovely people. It saddens me that I end up feeling so negatively towards perfectly nice people, who for whatever reason have shown to the word a PDI. A public display of ignorance.

I’m all for personal opinions. Y’all can have whatever shitty opinions you want (maybe you’re a Trump supporter), tbh I don’t care! We’re all entitled to our thoughts. But what really BUGS THE HECK OUT OF ME is when people speak openly, and with some suggestion of authority, on a sensitive topic. Now don’t get me wrong – everyone makes mistakes. But what I’m talking about is when someone speaks publicly in the most naive way, about something they know nothing about. I’m talking the “I don’t understand why you don’t just … “‘s and the “I don’t see it in this way, even though I haven’t personally experienced this”‘s,  which too many are too fond of.

Okay, yes, I have had more experience in my 19 years than other people’s 19 years. I get that most people don’t suffer residual trauma and mental health problems from watching their brother die over the course of their lifetime. But then again, some people have had it worse. This isn’t a post about me trying to be a special snowflake and complain about my problems (that’s what the rest of my blog is for).

This is a call-out post for people who may not have had it very bad, and can’t therefore understand why some people struggle so much to get out of bed in the morning, or form a healthy and meaningful relationship. Y’all are lucky. Y’all don’t need to understand why some people aren’t motivated for life, why they can’t just look on the bright side. Please don’t try and tell us what we need to do. We know. And it won’t work.

Actual picture of an actual depressed person who actually cannot ‘just find some motivation’. Note the eye bags, still wearing their pjs/yesterday’s outfit, and generally channelling Eliot/Mr Robot vibes (i.e. another mentally ill person).

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