The five things you only understand if you have a friend/family member with Cystic Fibrosis.


Her legacy, my life.

  1. The constant infection.

When I tell people my mum is currently in hospital they usually ask ‘Oh no, why?’ Even those who have known her a long time. They still don’t seem to grasp it. I feel like saying ‘the same reason as always’. Sometimes they follow up with: ‘does she have an infection?’

SHE ALWAYS HAS AN INFECTION. She is going to be hospitalised frequently throughout a year. Some years more so than others. It isn’t like when a non-CF family member is in hospital out of the blue, that is a cause to ask why. If the reason for hospitalisation changes, I’ll let you know.

  1. The weight thing.

Yes, my mother is eating the world’s greasiest double cheese-burger right now and yes, her doctor is fine with it. Unlike you or I she needs the calories. She is encouraged to keep her weight steady and on the higher…

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