Morphine and my mum.

Pure empathy

Her legacy, my life.

When people hear my mum is now on morphine to control her pain they ask many questions. They seem shocked because Morphine isn’t really a word that rolls off the tongue. They want to know if she still acts the same on Morphine, they want to know what form it comes in, they want to know if she is alert after taking it, they want to know a lot. All of these questions are questions I had myself before my mum was put on the drug. The word sounds harsh and it isn’t a drug people consider normal. It is rare, it is crazy, it is intense. Things must be going really badly if you’re on Morphine, right? I guess so. At first my mum was taking liquid morphine orally as she needed it to help with shortness of breath and pain, this was great, at first. It was helpful…

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